Here’s a draft resolution on Ukraine you can put to your union meeting or party branch

Download our resolution here

1) This trade union branch/trades council expresses its concern about the situation in Ukraine. We call on all sides to de-escalate and seek peaceful solutions. We believe that the only solution is effective diplomacy addressing the concerns of both the Russian and Ukrainian governments.

2) We urge Russia to withdraw its troops. But Britain and the US should stop sending arms and troops to the region, stop criticising diplomacy and stop talking up military options.

3) The relentless expansion and aggressive role of NATO since the end of the cold war has been one of the main drivers of the crisis. 13 countries have joined NATO in Eastern Europe since that time and NATO has led war and occupations in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Libya.

4) We urge our government to commit to ending NATO expansion.

5) We further support a lowering of tension by: 

  • A return to negotiating a reduction of nuclear weapons in Europe 
  • An opening of negotiations for new arms control measures 
  • A return to the Minsk accords to ensure the peaceful resolution of tensions between the Ukrainian government and the Russian speaking population of eastern Ukraine. 
  • A withdrawal of British troops and weapons from the region, and a commitment by the British government to act as a force for diplomacy and peace 

6) We send our solidarity to all those campaigning for an end to the war, often under very difficult conditions, in Russia and Ukraine.  Stop the War can best support them by demanding a change in Britain’s own policy, which can be seen to have failed.

7) We call upon our National Executive/TUC to promote such policies in all appropriate fora.

8) We agree to affiliate to the Stop the War coalition –

Download our resolution here

14 Feb 2022

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