NATO: A War Alliance Pamphlet – Get Your Copy Now!

The events of 2022 have put NATO and its policies under the spotlight more than at any time in the post-Cold War period. As the war in Ukraine develops into a proxy war between itself and Russia, we’ve produced a new pamphlet analysing the role of this aggressive alliance. Get your copy now…

The World at War: A Trade Union Issue – Stop the War TU Conference 2023

We have called our first ever Trade Union Conference in Jan 2023! We urge all trade unionists to register and spread the word in your branches and trades councils.

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About Stop the War

Stop the War Coalition was founded in September 2001 in the weeks following 9/11, when George W. Bush announced the “war on terror”. Stop the War has since been dedicated to preventing and ending the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.