Here’s six ways to take action to stop the warmongering over Ukraine…

The crisis over Ukraine is escalating. The warnings of war from the US and the UK are louder by the day. A confrontation is possible at any time.

British politicians are playing with fire stoking up the tension around Ukraine. As the danger grows of a conflict breaking out between Russia and Ukraine following an apparent lack of progress in negotiations with the USA, Tories and Labour are outbidding each other in pointless bellicosity.

Britain should be advancing serious diplomatic proposals to defuse the tension and seek a solution to the crisis rather than ratcheting it up.

Stop the War is urging all our groups and supporters to take action immediately to stop the warmongering.

Here is 6 actions you can take to oppose the drive to war on Ukraine:

1) Use our petition against war at your work or college.

2) Organise a street stall this Saturday at the latest to get people to sign the petition and distribute our statement.

3) Put our resolution to your union meeting or party branch.

4) Call an activist meeting in your area to brief people and organise more activity.

5) Prepare and publicise a local protest against more western intervention if war starts.

6) Join Stop the War and ask others to do the same.
14 Feb 2022 by Stop the War

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