Hear from an excellent panel of guests opposing any push to war in Ukraine and speaking out against NATO’s nuclear warmongering and interventionist agenda.

As the clouds of war continue to gather over Ukraine, the British government, alongside the US, is ramping up the threat of war. Even the Ukrainian foreign minister is calling for calm. Yet in the most cynical move of his career so far Boris Johnson has used the threat of war to distract from the implosion of his premiership.

The government is using the crisis as an opportunity to prove itself as America’s most loyal European ally. This is in stark contrast to other European countries – France and Germany in particular – who are keen to see a diplomatic solution prevail rather than a new European war. The British media, in its usual gung ho fashion, has barely mentioned the concerted efforts of our European allies to prevent war, but here we are joined by a number of experts to share an alternative view.

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Diane Abbott MP
Medea Benjamin (CodePink)
Nina Potarska (Ukraine National Coordinator – Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom)
Professor Richard Sakwa (Kent University)
Christine Buchholz (Die Linke – MP 2009-2021)
Andrew Murray (Stop the War)

11 Feb 2022

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