This letter by Lindsey German and Shelly Asquith was published in The Guardian on 17/08/21

Lindsey German and Shelly Asquith

The fall of Kabul this week dramatically underlines the extent to which the “war on terror” – launched by George Bush and Tony Blair 20 years ago – has failed (US troops to stay until Americans and eligible Afghans evacuated, says Biden, 16 August). Stop the War argued from our foundation in October 2001 that the war in Afghanistan would neither end terrorism nor establish a peaceful and democratic state. Twenty years on, despite vast political, military and financial support from the US and Britain, the Kabul government proved a Potemkin regime.

Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The trillion-dollar cost of the war would have been better spent providing education, development and infrastructure. The Afghan people have now endured decades of war, largely imposed on them by western politicians. We must provide financial compensation and aid, not least by welcoming those who want to come here as refugees. We must also insist that our own government and MPs face up to the failures of the past two decades and call an end to the wars and interventions which have done so much damage across the world. Time for a different, peaceful course.

Source: The Guardian

18 Aug 2021

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