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Remembering Frank Maurice Stone: 25.12.1937 - 20.12.2018

A tribute to the tireless convenor of the Norwich Stop the War Coalition between 2005-2018


Frank stands to the right of Tony Benn at a Norwich Stop the War meeting in 2008

On Thursday 10th January 2019 close friends, comrades and family remembered the life of Frank Stone.

Frank was interested in activism from a young age. His political life began when he followed in his parents’ footsteps, by representing the Labour Party on the local council (see photo below).


Frank had an active working life and played a key role in forming and building the union at Norwich Union when this was a difficult for trade union activity. He tirelessly fought for the rights of others leading the campaign for equal pay amongst many others.

Many of us will remember Frank best for his time convenor of the Norwich Stop the War Coalition between 2005 and 2018. Frank took part in the big marches against the Iraq War but only joined the committee after this high point of activity. Frank kept the group going when others lost enthusiasm and maintained its status as one of the most active groups in the country. Frank was driven by his commitment to anti-imperialism.

Frank left the Labour Party, disgusted at its role in the Iraq War and later joined the Socialist Workers Party. Frank stood up for everyone who faced oppression. Every campaign he fought was meticulously researched and well organised. He would often come to meetings with a bag full of articles for everyone to read and relished fierce political debate.

Frank was no respecter of what is commonly regarded as status but preferred to judge people on who they were not what they were, he valued honesty and integrity and he respected people from all backgrounds who worked to improve life for the oppressed.

Towards the end, Frank became consumed with the topic of Palestine and much of his energy was spent growing a new group in Yarmouth. He believed with conviction in standing up for Palestinian Rights whilst at the same combatting all forms of racism.

There was more to Frank than his politics and he was a family man, an avid Norwich City Fan and a jazz enthusiast. Frank had a great sense of humour and a mischievous grin. Everyone at the memorial agreed that the best way to remember Frank was to continue his good work and continue to work on the causes he devoted his life to.

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