Hear from Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Claudia Webbe, Lindsey German and Salma Yaqoob on how we can campaign for peace and de-escalation with not just China but the rest of the world

The initial global response to the Coronavirus crisis raised hopes for peace across the planet but as it has continued we have only seen tensions heighten, particularly between the world’s two major powers – the US and China.

While Cameron and Osborne were keen to cozy up to Beijing and welcomed Chinese investment, Johnson’s tenure has seen Britain fall in line with US belligerence towards the second superpower and has wholeheartedly aligned itself with Donald Trump in what increasingly feels like a new cold war.

Such a shift presents great danger and it is vital that the UK’s primary parliamentary opposition take a stance for peace and de-escalation as tensions are continually ramped up. This meeting took place during the Labour Party’s Connected Conference and aims to push the case for it to continue the progressive and peaceful foreign policy stance adopted during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, towards not just China but the rest of the world.

19 Sep 2020

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