Stop the War condemns the decision by the Biden administration to supply the Ukrainian military with cluster bombs. The decision will lead directly to the death of Ukrainian civilians.

The use of cluster bombs is banned in well over 100 countries including the UK because of their ‘indiscriminate nature.’ In other words, because cluster bombs release many small bomb-lets over a wide area, they pose a desperately high risk to civilians.

The US has already condemned Russia’s use of cluster bombs in Ukraine, saying it may constitute a war crime. Biden’s decision is deeply hypocritical. It is one more illustration of how the Ukrainian people are becoming the victims of a proxy war.

Chris Nineham, Vice Chair of Stop the War, said:

“The war in Ukraine is at a stalemate and the US is trying to tip the balance by supplying Ukraine with some of the most brutal and deadly weapons on the planet. It will be the Ukrainian people as well as Russian troops who are the victims.

This war is on a dreadful downward spiral. It must be stopped. Today people are campaigning against across Europe to protest against the war and against NATO escalation, and there is an online peace wave around the world. We urge everyone who wants to see an end to the carnage to join us.”

08 Jul 2023 by Stop the War

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