A huge thank you to Jeremy Corbyn from Stop the War


Dear Jeremy,
We are writing to thank you for all your work as leader of the opposition. You have worked tirelessly supporting the causes of peace and justice which are so near to our hearts, and you have ensured that these issues have been high on the political agenda.
Your support for a radically different foreign policy and for nuclear disarmament was one of the main reasons that you were under attack from the right wing media, the Tories and from some in your own party. They feel threatened by any criticism of their militaristic agenda entering the mainstream.
We are particularly proud of the role you played in ensuring that Labour apologised for the war in Iraq, a war opposed by millions of people around the world.
We know that you will continue to campaign round these issues and many more, and we hope to be working closely with you in doing so.
Best wishes and solidarity to you and Laura.
Lindsey German (On behalf of the Stop the War Coalition Officers)
03 Apr 2020 by Lindsey German

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