Stop the War welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on a new approach to foreign policy


The Stop the War Coalition welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning. We have long argued that the ‘War on Terror’ has failed in its stated aims while causing almost unimaginable destruction and misery in the Middle East, Central Asia and beyond.

Any serious discussion about how to end the horrifying cycle of violence and reduce the chances of more atrocities, like that in Manchester, must honestly assess the full range of factors that have led to the spread of terrorism.

The anti-war movement has been joined by a wide range of experts and commentators, including a former head of M15, in arguing that the recent series of foreign wars has created a more dangerous and volatile world – and contributed to the rise in terrorism.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today has helped to promote a much needed public discussion. We hope it will lead to a long overdue change in British foreign policy.

26 May 2017

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