Chris Nineham is interviewed on the Beyond the Noise Podcast: Social Movements Can Beat Attacks on the Right to Protest

Chris Nineham & David Jamieson

“Beyond the Noise is a Source podcast where David Jamieson gets beyond the headlines to look at issues in more depth.

He is joined in this episode by Chris Nineham, vice chair of Stop the War Coalition, to discuss the UK Government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, and the ways social movements can resist attacks on the right to protest.

They discuss:

1:00 -What new anti-protest powers would the bill introduce?

5:00 – What the combination of the crackdown on protest and the new bill tells us about the future of Conservative rule.

14:30 – How did the anti-war movement deal with attempts to restrict the right to protest?”

Source: Beyond the Noise

21 Mar 2021 by Chris Nineham

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