Stop the War has a few key questions for parliamentary candidates of all parties and none in the coming general election


We’re in the throes of a general election, and Israel’s continued genocide in Gaza is very much on the ballot paper. UK arms sales to Israel, the continuing war in Ukraine, the drive for more military spending, and the increasingly dangerous world we live in must all be central to the campaign.

Solidarity with Gaza is key to defeating the warmongers’ agenda. Stop the War is clear, we will support candidates who are prepared to make it so.

So we have seven key questions we’re urging our supporters to ask of candidates standing in the constituencies they live. If the answer isn’t yes, then you know what to do.

  • Do you support an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza?
  • Do you support an immediate end to arms sales to Israel?
  • Do you support the immediate recognition of a Palestinian state?
  • Do you support the wider campaign of BDS in relation to Israel?
  • Will you oppose any increase in British military spending as a share of GDP?
  • Will you oppose the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States?
  • Do you believe British influence should push for a ceasefire and peace talks in Ukraine?
28 May 2024 by Stop the War

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