The Stop the War Assembly was a vibrant and well attended event with over 100 people from across Scotland.

Discussions centered on building solidarity with Palestine and opposition to genocide and the continuing need to oppose the war in Ukraine between US and Russian imperialism.

Key themes and demands from the Assembly included:

– Stop All Arms Sales to Israel
– Expel the Israeli Ambassador from the UK
– No to wider war cross the Middle East- in Yemen, Lebanon, Iran and Syria
– Defend the Right to Protest
– No to Islamophobia

Assembly agreed to:

– Send a solidarity message to Boris Kagarlitsky- Russian anti-war campaigner gaoled by Putin for  opposing the war in Ukraine

– Send a solidarity message to Dr Issam Hijjawi and other activists arrested for organising pro- Palestine demonstrations

– Stop the War National demonstration in Glasgow in May (Date TBC)

– Support in Scotland for Stop the War UK National trade union Day of Action for Palestine on May 1st, International Workers Day

– Stop the War Scotland wide online Trade Unionists for Palestine public meeting in April( Date to be confirmed

– Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – support/organise protest at Scottish arms companies involved in funding  genocide

– Boycott Israeli Goods – Organise Stop the War local actions  targeting Starbucks,Macdonalds, Lidl, Tesco’s, Barclays and others.
10 Apr 2024 by Stop the War Scotland

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