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Ten things a new UK government could do to make the world a safer place

Whoever wins the UK general election on 7 May 2015, here are 10 suggestions for how the new government could work for peace

  1.  Ban the sales of arms to anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. Britain is currently the second biggest exporter of weapons globally. Britain regular sells weapons to many of the countries on the Foreign Office's own list of countries with “the most serious wide-ranging human rights concerns” including IsraelLibyaPakistan and Saudi Arabia. 

  2. Commit to end the cycle of foreign interventions that have caused such damage and chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Withdraw all British military personnel including trainers from the theatres of war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

  3. Abandon plans for a new British navy base in Bahrain. The permanent Western military presence in the Middle East causes deep anger and resentment across the region.

  4. End political, diplomatic and military support for Israel in protest at its repeated attacks on Gaza, its illegal settlements on the West Bank and its refusal to allow Palestinian statehood.

  5. Demand that the US closes Guantanamo Bay and allows the immediate return to Britain of Shaker Aamer. Insist on an end to extraordinary rendition, torture and illegal detention by all Western governments in line with international law.

  6. Scrap plans for Trident replacement and start a programme of nuclear disarmament. This would free up more than £100 Billion that could be used for a programme of investment in health and education.

  7. Insist that the Chilcot report is published immediately. Ensure that Tony Blair is never offered another official role. Legislate to allow war crimes proceedings against British politicians where applicable. 

  8. Ban the armed forces from visiting schools to recruit.

  9.  Support the international calls to make drone warfare illegal.

  10. Exit Nato and demand an end to its expansion. Support calls for a negotiated settlement to the crisis in the Ukraine.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

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