Model Motion on the War in Yemen

This branch notes:

– that Saudi Arabia is fighting a devastating war on Yemen, causing widespread casualties, starvation and suffering;

– that the UN has described the situation in Yemen as the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world, with 22 million people in need of humanitarian assistance;

– that Britain continues to sell arms, share intelligence and militarily assist Saudi Arabia;

– that both Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn have condemned the continued sale of arms by the UK to Saudi Arabia.

This branch believes:

– that the Tory government’s support for the Saudi regime and its war on Yemen exposes the brutal nature of current British foreign policy;

– that Britain needs a new, peaceful foreign policy based on internationalist values and respect for human rights;

– that arms sales to and political support for the Saudi regime must stop.

This branch resolves:

– to affiliate to Stop the War Coalition;

– to oppose the British government’s support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen;

– to demand the end of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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01 Oct 2018

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