86 year old D-Day veteran, Jim Radford, shares his simple and beautiful message in new Veterans For Peace UK film The Missing Peace

Jim Radford

This autumn googsi creative joined Veterans For Peace UK on a journey through Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph, London 2015. Our guide on this emotional and meaningful journey was peace activist and D-Day survivor Jim Radford.

In the vast flow of our fast moving society, where every decision has become more critical than the last, in determining the survival of the environment and our combined humanity. We were rightly reminded by Jim the importance of asking yourself the question; Is what we are doing right or wrong? By that I dont mean, financial gain or holiday destinations, I am mean morally.

How many times a day do we ask ourselves (no one else). Is this right or is it wrong?

On the dawn of a new day in a new year. 2016 may be a good time for a collective mindset. I mean, quoting Jim “What rational, sane, decent person would argue that peace is not a good idea.

We would like to thank Jim again, for reminding us the importance of living a courageous and conscious life. We’re honoured and excited to share this simple and beautiful message from 86 year old, Jim Radford.

Source: Veterans For Peace UK

29 Dec 2015

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