An anti-war motion was passed at UCU’s Congress 2023 condemning both the Russian invasion of Ukraine and NATO expansion in the region, warning of the potential dangers of big power confrontation, including the use of nuclear weapons, giving solidarity to ordinary Ukrainians and calling for a peaceful resolution of the war.

The motion was proposed and passed according to the democratic procedures of the union, and we believe any attempts to overturn it undemocratically should be opposed.

Trade unions have a right to oppose wars and have a long history of promoting peace. In the context of a cost-of-living crisis and with public services and education in disarray, the labour movement has a special interest in campaigning against increased spending on foreign wars.

As members of UCU, we applaud Congress‘ vote for peace in Ukraine and insist that it remains union policy.

Mark Abel, University of Brighton UCU and NEC
Sean Vernell, City and Islington College UCU
Lucia Pradella, King’s College London UCU
Deepa Driver, University of Reading UCU
Sean Wallis, University College London UCU
Feyzi Ismail, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Michael Bailey, University of Essex UCU
Marian Carty, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Des Freedman, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Paul O’Connell, SOAS, University of London UCU
Tony Staunton, UCU South West Retired Members Branch
Rahul Patel, University of Arts London UCU
Craig Brandist, University of Sheffield UCU
Alex Callinicos, King’s College London UCU
Richard McEwan, New City College THC Poplar UCU
Myka Tucker-Abramson, University of Warwick UCU
Ashok Kumar, Birkbeck, University of London UCU
Peter E Jones, Sheffield Hallam University UCU
Hannah Cross, University of Westminster UCU
Nicola Pratt, University of Warwick UCU
Mark O’Brien, University of Liverpool UCU
Tom Hickey, University of Brighton Grand Parade UCU
Carlo Morelli, UCU Scotland Honorary Secretary
Christine Wiercinski, UCU Retired Members
Anne Alexander, Cambridge UCU
Mike Barton, UCU Retired Members
Bee Hughes, Liverpool John Moores University UCU
Milos Simpraga, Liverpool John Moores University UCU
Dragan Plavsic, University of Hertfordshire UCU
Naina Kent, Hackney ACE UCU
Graham Kirkwood, Newcastle University UCU
Victoria Araj, University of Lincoln UCU
Saira Weiner, Liverpool John Moores University UCU
Professor Megan Povey, University fo Leeds UCU
Tom Whittaker,  City of Bristol College UCU
Leila Talani, King’s College London UCU
Phillip Allsopp, Cardiff University UCU
Suzanne Williams, City of Bristol College UCU
Marion Hersh, University of Glasgow UCU
Nicola Field, Kingston University UCU
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, University of Glasgow UCU
James Foley, Glasgow Caledonian University UCU
Regine Pilling, Westminster Kingsway College UCU
Gregor Clunie, Glasgow Caledonian University UCU
Danny McGregor Glasgow Caledonian University UCU
Katy Jones, Cardiff UCU
Andy Ridley, Roehampton University UCU
Milica Prokic, University of Strathclyde UCU
Maureen Arnaiz, City of Bristol College UCU
Ioanna Ioannou, University of Liverpool UCU
Henry Maitles, University of the West of Scotland UCU
Renee Prendergast, Queen’s University Belfast UCU
Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster UCU
John Parrington, University of Oxford UCU
Sean Ledwith, York College UCU
Michael Szpakowski, UCU Retired Members
Dharminder Singh Chuhan, Sandwell College UCU
Joanna Gilmore, University of York UCU
Behzad Tarfiee, NCC Tower Hamlets UCU
Richard Bradbury, Open University UCU
Christian Hogsbjerg, University of Brighton UCU
Laura Miles, 
UCU Yorks and Humberside Retired Members
Arthur Kaletzky, University of Cambridge UCU
Rolf Fruin, Merton College UCU
Nina Doran, City of Liverpool College UCU
N. Vittal, University College London UCU
Chrissy Sanachan, University of Glasgow UCU
Steve Cushion, UCU 
London Retired Members
Pete Bicknell, NCG Lewisham College UCU
Brian Kelly, Queen’s University Belfast UCU
Simon Hewitt, University of Leeds UCU
Peta Bulmer, University of Liverpool UCU
Jessica Kent, University of Sheffield UCU
Owen Walsh, University of Aberdeen UCU
Hugh White, University of Exeter UCU
James Cussens, University of Bristol UCU
Talat Ahmed,  University of Edinburgh UCU
Phil Baker, Loughborough College UCU
Ann Swinney, Dundee UCU
Rui Cardoso, Imperial College London UCU
Chris McIntyre, University of Sheffield UCU
Phil Taylor, UCU Retired Members
Ümit Yildiz, University of Manchester UCU
Zoë Goodman, King’s College London UCU
Katherine Connelly, New York University of London UCU
Doug Webley, South and City College Birmingham UCU
Tassia Kobylinska, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Regina Enjuto Martinez, King’s College London UCU
Margot Hill, Croydon College UCU
Paul Russell, Yorkshire and Humberside Retired Members UCU
Justin Schlosberg, Birkbeck, University of London UCU
Michael Lavalette, Liverpool Hope University UCU
Michael Omatsola-Morgan, Aston University UCU
Theseus Joseph, New City College THC Poplar UCU
Abdullah Yusuf, University of Dundee UCU
Saleem Rashid, The Sheffield College UCU
Omar Feraboli, University of Dundee UCU
Diego Macías W., King’s College London UCU
Safia Flissi, South and City College Birmingham UCU
Graham Mustin, Yorkshire and Humberside Retired Members UCU
Holly Rigby, City, University of London UCU
Adam Soper, Cardiff University UCU
Lindsey German, University of Hertfordshire UCU
Paul Brook, University of Leicester UCU
Julia Roberts, Lambeth College UCU
Alberto Pezzotta, University College London UCU
Claudia Uller, Kingston University UCU
Sara Bernard, University of Glasgow UCU
Julia Roberts, Lambeth College UCU
Harriet Evans, London School of Economics UCU
Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann, Open University UCU
Valerie Coultas, formerly Kingston University UCU
Alison Macpherson, University of Edinburgh UCU
Iain Ferguson, Scotland Retired Members Branch
Barbara Labiejko, Hackney
Tracie Morrison, Hackney Community College
Lily O’Connell, Merthyr Tydfil College UCU
Gregoris Ioannou, University of Sheffield UCU
Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow, UCU
Peter Hick, Edge Hill University UCU
Ryan Burns, University of Brighton UCU
Helen Dixon, University of Brighton & Sussex UCU
Kevin Biderman, University of Brighton UCU
Nadia Edmond, University of Brighton UCU
Milly Williamson, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Gavin Hawkton, University of Glasgow UCU
Maria Stadnicka, University of the West of England UCU
Martin Crook, University of West England UCU
Martin Levy, Northumbria University UCU (retired member)
Andrea Genovese, University of Sheffield UCU
Hedley Bashforth, University of Bath UCU
Mandy Brown, student member of UCU
Anthony Sullivan, University of the Arts London UCU
Damien Short, University of London Senate House UCU
Tara McCormack, University of Leicester UCU
Susan Newman, Open University UCU
Patrick Connellan, Bridgend College and USW UCU
Gabriella Cioce, University of Sheffield UCU
Rhiannon Lockley, Birmingham City University UCU
Liam Orr, New City College – Arbour Square and Outreach
Timo Kivimäki, University of Bath UCU
Stanley Emmett, UCU Retired Members
Mary Wrenn, University of the West of England UCU
Alistair Cartwright, University of Liverpool UCU
Janet Bujra, University of Bradford UCU
Dennis Leech, University of Warwick UCU
Steve Scanlon, New City College, Tower Hamlets, Poplar UCU
Alim Baluch, University of Bath UCU
George Nicholls, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Rosa Kurowska, Westminster Kingsway College UCU
Owen Walsh, University of Aberdeen UCU
Marion Roberts, University of Westminster 
UCU (retired members)
Nick Megoran, University of Newcastle UCU
Theresa Easton, University of Newcastle UCU
Anne Farrell, City & Islington College UCU
Sarah Baillie, Westminster and Kingsway College UCU
Alison Gaughan, Kirklees College UCU
Peter Evans, NEC and West London College UCU
Derek Wall, Goldsmiths, University of London UCU
Juliana Ojinnaka, The Sheffield College UCU
John James, Newport – Coleg Gwent UCU
Mark Alderson, Chichester College Group UCU


07 Jun 2023

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