“This is important work, we will be leafleting again later this week.”

We had an excellent response this weekend to stalls across London in the run-up to the Peace Now – Stop the War in Ukraine demonstration coming up this Saturday. 10 stalls took place from Brixton to Wanstead with a positive response reported back from all of the locations.

There is a growing desire for peace amongst Londoners as fear of open war with Russia grows. The suppression of anti-war voices from Keir Starmer’s Labour Party to the pro-war media means that many people are relieved to see calls for peace in their communities.

In Leytonstone, Carol said:

“We had a great response at Leytonstone today. Three other people joined me. Lots of good discussions, especially people connecting dots re other wars the UK fails to do anything about. Yemen kept coming up. Most of the flyers you sent went. I’m going to finish the flyers at Leytonstone tube Tues or Weds.”

In Bethnal Green, one supporter said:

“We got a good response. Loads of people took the leaflets for next Saturday and there is a good minority who feel passionately about the need for peace. Many of them signed our petition. We had a whole number of conversations with other people who are uncertain about the issue. This is important work, we will be leafleting again later this week.”

In Lewisham, John said:
“We asked shops, particularly hair salons, barbers, butchers, and phone shops that were largely owned and managed by the immigrant community of Lewisham if it would be okay to advertise our flyer and they were very happy to spread the word and put up leaflets that are calling for peace and are critical of NATO.”

With less than a week to go until the demonstration it’s vital we keep up this level of activity adding more locations if possible. If you need leaflets or materials for your stalls or leafleting sessions just email: office@stopwar.org.uk

20 Feb 2023 by Stop the War

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