On this anniversary we are asking you to do everything possible to force our government to end their support for the war in Yemen

Chris Nineham

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the start of a war that has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. It is a war that is backed to the hilt by our own government.

Over a quarter of a million Yemenis have been killed by the war, the blockades and the resulting food shortages and disease. More than 16 million Yemenis out of a population of 30 million wake up hungry every morning.

This catastrophe has been created by the Saudi led military intervention that began with bombs and missile attacks early in the morning of March 26, 2015.

Since that day there have been an estimated 21,400 bombing raids by the Coalition which have included attacks on weddings, funerals and hospitals and have directly killed thousands of civilians.

This onslaught has been accompanied by a blockade that has disrupted vital supplies to the country and caused unimaginable suffering.

From the start the war has been backed militarily and politically by the US and British governments. Both countries have sharply increased their supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia since the war began and Britain has a network of special operatives supporting the Saudi military operation.

Soon after his inauguration this year President Biden announced that the US was withdrawing US support for the war. The US is continuing to supply Saudi Arabia with weapons and it is unclear what real steps have been taken, but the statement was at least a public recognition of the shameful nature of the war.

The British government has made no such statement. Britain continues to supply the Saudis with the bombs and fighter planes used in the killing. It refuses to condemn or even criticise the war. British military support systems remain in place and active.

In short, the British government has direct responsibility for the carnage in Yemen. Britain is now the West’s biggest backer of the war.

On this anniversary we are asking you to do everything possible to force our government to end their support for the carnage in Yemen. If the British government could be forced to pull its support it would be a huge and possibly fatal blow to the Saudi war effort.

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26 Mar 2021 by Chris Nineham

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