Stop the War condemns the siege of Aleppo

The siege of Aleppo marks a new chapter in the horrific story that has unfolded in Syria as a result of the war that started in 2011. Once against civilians are facing disaster because they are cut off from basic necessities, because vital services including hospitals have been destroyed by the fighting and because of the threat of direct hits by bombs and shells.

All attacks on civilians should be condemned. This war has been intensified and prolonged by a series of interventions from regional and global powers. We oppose all of these interventions, including the current Russian bombing of Aleppo.

The humanitarian corridors that have been proposed must be guaranteed as safe passages for all civilians and for humanitarian aid. Western powers must not use the siege of Aleppo as a pretext for escalating their intervention. Only a negotiated, political solution can end the terrible suffering of the people of Syria.

01 Aug 2016

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