Statement on the despicable attack in Finsbury Park


The Stop the War Coalition condemns the despicable terrorist attack in Finsbury Park in the early hours of this morning. We send our condolences to the family and friends of the dead man and those of all the casualties. We have worked closely with the leadership of the Finsbury Park Mosque for many years and send them our deepest sympathy and solidarity.

As well as the appalling physical harm done, this was a terror attack designed to intimidate the Muslim community in the area and beyond. The Islamophobia that has been whipped up by governments and the media throughout the ‘War on Terror’ has contributed to an atmosphere in which attacks on Muslims are becoming all too familiar, though under-reported. Politicians have repeatedly used Islamophobia to bolster their positions, most notoriously during the last year’s Mayoral elections. Theresa May’s recent statements against tolerance have only made matters worse.

Stop the War will continue to campaign against British participation in foreign wars, many in Muslim countries. We will redouble our efforts to combat the racism and Islamophobia that they help to generate.

19 Jun 2017

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