More than 50 leading student and youth campaigners have issued the following statement opposing David Cameron’s plans to bomb Syria


We call upon all MPs to vote against bombing Syria on Wednesday 2 December.

Over the past 15 years British military intervention has caused huge death and destruction. Millions of people have been killed, injured and displaced as a result of the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. 

This ‘war on terror’ also has failed to achieve its key objective, with terrorist groups including ISIS stronger and bigger than ever before – a direct consequence of Western military intervention. 

British military action will not defeat ISIS and risks increasing the terrorist threat both to the peoples of the Middle East and to Britain.

Spending millions of pounds dropping bombs on Syria is completely unjustifiable. The government should prioritise humanitarian aid and support for refugees, education, healthcare and other public spending not war.

We urge MPs to vote to against Cameron’s proposal to bomb Syria.

Shakira Martin, NUS Vice President Further Education
Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President Welfare
Piers Telemacque, NUS VP Society and Citizenship
Mostafa Rajaai, NUS International Students’ Officer
Fran Cowling, NUS LGBT Officer (Women’s Place)
Shabina Raja, NUS National Executive (Black Students’ Campaign)
Barbara Ntumy, NUS Union Development Zone Committee
Charlie Baker, NUS National Executive (Further Education)
Shadia Edwards-Dashti, Stop the War National Officer
Fiona Edwards, Stop the War National Officer
Aaron Kiely, Student Assembly Against Austerity National Committee
Tom King, Co-President Welfare and Campaigns, SOAS Students’ Union
Christy McMorrow, President, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Miriam Kane, President, Lewisham Southwark College
Naa Acquah, General Secretary, University of Manchester Students’ Union
Nona Buckley-Irvine, General Secretary, London School of Economics Students’ Union
Rose Taylor, Postgraduate Education Officer, Sussex University Students’ Union
Joel Smith, Activities and Development Officer, University of Manchester Students’ Union
Rosie McKenna, Vice President Academic Representation, Edge Hull University Students’ Union (pc)
Anastazja Klementyna Oppenheim, Campaigns Officer, University of the Arts Students’ Union
Chris Jarvis, Campaigns and Democracy Officer, Union of UEA Students
Peggy Lim, International Students’ Officer, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Sharmin Jahan, Women’s Officer, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Gabi Binnie, Welfare Officer, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Hannah Dualeh, Widening Participation Students’ Officer, Bristol University Students’ Union
Mostafa Haydar, Disability Officer, Barnsley College Students’ Union
Tom Noble, Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Officer, Birkbeck College Students’ Union
Shaz Islam, Campus Officer, University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union
Fran Legg, Stop the War Coalition Steering Committee
Ellie Kinney, CND Society Chair, Goldsmiths College Students’ Union
Fred Craig, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts National Committee
Aaron Parr, Young Greens, Queen Mary University Students’ Union
Jozef Doyle, Finance manager, University of Nottingham Feminists Society
Danielle Tiplady, President, Kings College London Nursing and Midwifery Society
Leah Hibbs, Vice President, Cardiff University Socialist Students
Alistair Cartwright, Media Reform Coalition (pc)
Amy Liddle, University of Bristol Student Assembly Against Austerity
Becky Chambers, Manchester Metropolitan Student Assembly Against Austerity
James Honke, University of Birmingham Student Assembly Against Austerity
Connie Judkins-Law, University of Kent Canterbury Student Assembly Against Austerity
Andrea Grainger, Keele University Student Assembly Against Austerity
Ben Hayes, Goldsmiths College Student Assembly Against Austerity
Ali Sendall, Liverpool Hope University Student Assembly Against Austerity
Joss Knight, Imperial College London Student Assembly Against Austerity
Maz Salem, Stand Up To Racism Officer
Jonathan Maunders, Oxford Brookes Stop the War
Paul Haw, Bournemouth University Student Assembly Against Austerity
Hayden Cooper, Exeter University Defend Education
Aron Hugh, Sussex University Student Assembly Against Austerity
James Kneen, Vice President of the History Society, University of Greenwich
Sahaya James, NUS NEc
Minesh Parekh, Education Officer, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Sophia Koumi, Vice President Education (Health), Kings College London Students’ Union
Daniel Nikolla, President, City and Islington College Students’ Union
Nat Panda, Postgraduate Officer, Warwick University Students’ Union (pc)
Deej Lashley-Joshnon, BME Officer, University of Manchester Students’ Union
Yinbo Yu, Activities and Opportunities Officer, Union of UEA Students

30 Nov 2015

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