Stop the War Extends its Full Solidarity and Support to Jeremy Corbyn

Stop the War extends its full solidarity and support to Jeremy Corbyn. We condemn the decision of the Labour Party NEC to block him from standing as Labour candidate in Islington North where he has served as the local MP since 1983. It is an attack on the democratic rights of the people of Islington.

Jeremy has been a lifelong anti-racism campaigner and a stalwart of socialism and peace. From supporting the struggle against apartheid in South Africa to battling Islamophobia, Jeremy has always been at the forefront of defending the rights of the oppressed and vulnerable. 

The attack on Jeremy is also an attack on the anti-war movement. It is ironic that Keir Starmer should persecute Jeremy Corbyn on the 20th anniversary of the aggression against Iraq, a war against which he campaigned so strongly and warned so presciently, even as the architects of that disastrous war become influential in Labour once again.

Jeremy Corbyn’s track record as a politician is impeccable.  He is renowned worldwide as an outstanding advocate of peace, human rights and social justice. 

We are proud to have Jeremy as our Deputy President (and former Chair) and we will stand by him in whatever decision he takes regarding the future.

28 Mar 2023 by Stop the War

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