The huge turn out and level of engagement on the streets reflects how public opinion is ever moving in favour of Stop the War coalition’s position.

Hundreds of activists up and down the country rallied under one message, No to War and No to Nato on the International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine yesterday.

Over 30 events took place including stalls, protests, vigils and demonstrations from Cardiff to Colchester, London to Leeds.

The huge turn out and level of engagement on the streets reflects how public opinion is ever moving in favour of Stop the War coalition’s position. Our peace camp is growing because of the seriousness of the situation and fears of nuclear escalation.

















Of course, Stop the War Coalition condemns Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, demanding all troops withdraw, but at the same time demands NATO halts it’s expansion as it will only exacerbate and prolong war costing more lives. These are not demands that can wait for another day.

The urgency of mobilisation was felt across the UK with the Day of Action seeing hundreds of people sign the petition against war in Ukraine and many becoming members of the coalition.

The increase in membership shows us that there is a huge recognition of the dangers of war, and now more than ever, the threat of nuclear conflict as western leaders continue to up the ante with political posturing and dangerous rhetoric.

Many local groups reported back that this is at the forefront of people’s minds as well as understanding NATO’s aggressive role over the last three decades contributing to the current conflict in the first place.













The war is clearly developing as a proxy war between Russia and NATO. Putin is becoming increasingly dismissive of peace talks, as is Boris Johnson.

The UK government has pledged an additional £300 million pounds in military spending, despite the fact that weapons and tanks will not save lives.

Many people also discussed the leader of the opposition. Keir Starmer’s approach is non-existent at best, and at worst, laying the foundations for accepting warmongering policy as a given.

Demonstrations occurred in many cities including Glasgow, Newcastle, Brighton, Bournemouth to say it loud and clear to the government; ‘Stop the War & Start the Peace’.

Glasgow had a brilliant turn out of over 200 people marching through the city centre calling for Trident to be scrapped and ‘No to nuclear war.’

London hosted almost 10 events alone, with all locations reporting high engagement from passers-by, particularly amongst young people. Speaking from the Kentish Town local group, event organiser Grace Cowan said, “We had some compelling conversations and discussions. What stood out most was people criticising Russia, but in equal measure, NATO. Many people vowed to return to support STWC’s further action and events.”

In Highbury and Islington, home to Jeremy Corbyn, conversations unsurprisingly moved to the Labour party. People commented on the dissemination of democracy following the threats to remove the whip from MPs if they did not withdraw their names from a STW open letter condemning war and NATO. People also slammed the war in which Stop the War has been deliberately targeted by the Labour leadership in an attempt to isolate and silence our voice.

Jeremy Corbyn, former chair of the Stop the War Coalition, now stands alone in the House of Commons as champion for peace.













Russia’s war in Ukraine moves into its third month, talks of peace and de-escalation are being replaced with signs of greater preparation for war. Yesterday’s Day of Action was about showing there is another way.

The last few months stand as a stark and dark reminder of the horrors of war and NATOs involvement in them including Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Commenting on the Day of Action, Stop the War Coalition’s convenor Lindsey German said;

“The day of protest has shown that up and down the country there is opposition to Russia’s invasion but also to Boris Johnson’s warmongering. The war in Ukraine is becoming a proxy war between Russia and NATO. Our government is sending weapons and Joe Biden has promised another $33bn for military aid. This is leading to much greater threats of war which we are at the centre of resisting.”

It is time the British government learns from its mistakes and takes lessons from activists on the path to peace.


This is just a snippet of the activity that took place around the country yesterday. If you’ve got photos or videos from your events you’d like to send us please email them to



08 May 2022 by Shadia Edwards-Dashti

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