Russell Brand, has joined Stephen Fry, Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot and many more, calling for Blair to be sacked as Middle East Peace Envoy. Add your name now.

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Seven reasons to sack Blair for the seven years he has been Middle East peace envoy

• 1 War = Peace
Tony Blair and George W Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq destroyed an entire Middle Eastern society.

• 2 Pro-Israeli bias
Both as Prime Minister and Envoy, Blair has shown a consistent and blatant bias towards Israel.

• 3 Seven years bad luck for Palestine
The last seven years have shown Blair either incapable or unwilling to achieve anything meaningful for the Palestinian people. He has visited Gaza just once in those seven years

• 4 Conflict of interest?
The way Blair works, it is often unclear where his envoy role ends and his business interests begin.

• 5 Peace Envoy = Warmonger
Since his appointment Blair has repeatedly called for yet more Middle Eastern wars – in Iran, Syria and now Iraq again.

• 6 Living like a VIP – on our VAT
As Envoy Blair has luxuriated in Jerusalem’s poshest hotel at the taxpayer’s expense, while families in the Occupied Territories struggle to feed their children.

• 7 Advising autocrats
Alongside his envoy role, Blair has been hiring himself out to tyrants with histories of human rights abuses.

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Sack Blair bus tours London in protest

Sack Blair bus

Sack Blair bus outside Parliament

Friday 27 June marked the seven-year anniversary of Tony Blair’s appointment as the Special Peace Envoy to the Middle East for the Quartet, which consists of the US, Russia, the UN and the EU.

The #SackBlair campaign, supported by public figures such as Russell Brand, Stephen Fry and Noam Chomsky, took an open-top bus on a tour of London landmarks relevant to Blair’s Envoy role. A public petition on calls for his immediate removal from the position.

The tour’s centrepiece was a protest event in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair. The square is home to both the US embassy – the US are the Quartet member understood to have selected Blair – and Tony Blair’s London office.

The bus, dubbed the SackBlairmobile, circled the square calling for the US government to drop Blair as the Envoy as a result of his legacy of destruction in the Middle East and his failure in the position.

The ScakBlairMobile also visited the QEII conference centre, where the Iraq Inquiry was held, to emphasise the absurdity of a man responsible for the current destruction in Iraq serving as a Peace Envoy in the same region.

It then called on the consulate of Russia in Kensington and the European Commission in Smith’s Square. Lastly it visited the Knightsbridge office of another of Blair’s employers, JPMorgan Chase. Critics of his work as Envoy accuse the former Prime Minister of a conflict of interest between his roles, saying he has used his position to strike deals in the West Bank from which JPMorgan stood to gain.

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Stephen Fry’s tweet: Sign the Sack Tony Blair petition Stephen Fry sack blair

26 Jun 2014

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