From The Guardian to the Mail, Amir Amirani’s film telling the story of the biggest protest in global history has received glowing reviews.

Reviews of We Are Many

  • The Guardian: A staggeringly huge demonstration of public opinion that nevertheless did not stop the war. But Amir Amirani makes a bold case for understanding the march in a larger context: that over the next decade it re-energised people power, sowed the seed for Egypt’s Arab spring and laid the foundations for Labour’s sober, courageous refusal to countenance the attack on Syria. Meanwhile, we wait for the Chilcot report. A very valuable film. Read more »
  • Daily Mail: Amir Amirani’s immensely powerful documentary revisits the seismic events of February 15, 2003, when a global protest against the forthcoming U.S.-led war on Iraq stirred millions of people into marching in 800 cities across the globe. There was even a protest in Antarctica. Read more »
  • Huffington Post: Anyone doubting the value of protest should watch this film, for proof that the ripples of political pebbles can spread wide, and far beyond any immediate effects. Read more »
  • Financial Times: The makers map a link to the Arab Spring and beyond, although among the wealth of interviewees — starry and not — several become tearful, remembering the day millions spoke and were entirely ignored. Read more »
  • The Independent: There are anguished and impassioned contributions from figures such as John le Carré, Brian Eno, Mark Rylance and Ken Loach. Virgin boss Richard Branson explains how his plans to fly Nelson Mandela to Baghdad on a peace mission were thwarted. The upside, the film suggests in its conclusion, is that the politicians who blithely ignored the anti-war protesters in 2003 are now, at last, being forced to listen. Read more »
  • Daily Express:Former prime minister Tony Blair may so far have escaped the censure of the long-delayed Chilcot Inquiry but We Are Many is a reminder of what he has to answer for. A powerful documentary about the “biggest protest in history”, the February 15, 2003, marches around the world against the impending Iraq war, it’s a damning indictment from the court of global public opinion. Read more »
  • Stop the War: Like many films, We Are Many only gradually reveals its secret. Far from being a waste of time as the establishment likes to make us believe, the film shows that protest involving these kind of forces can make a real difference to the world we live in. It can shake and even topple governments and bring hope and confidence to people looking for change. In the process it can help to rebuild progressive organisation on a society wide scale. Read more »
  • Morning Star: Taking its name from the last line of Shelley’s 1819 poem Mask of Anarchy, We Are Many is itself a moving and timely reminder of the power of activism and protest — the perfect antidote to the despair created by the new Tory majority government. Read more »
  • BBC: It’s a very well-made documentary, very engrossing, hearing people talking from first-hand experience, which most of us know, and many were involved in, and it’s recounted powerfully, in a way that makes sense, and makes the story understandable, and makes you feel you want to get involved. Read more »

We Are Many is showing in cinemas from 22 May. Find the nearest cinema to you here »

Source: Stop the War Coalition

22 May 2015

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