Artificial intelligence. (Using :- Finance, War, Media and Video games, terminology).

Bull and bear system needs a bleed of surplus feed, fear masses to believe.

The rally of the hardware price, fix the weaponry portfolio as a principal trade.

Defensive cyclical stock shock, a fill or kill order from inside information.

In field of theatre, volatility yields new transactions, as victims are just pixels.

Fiat money from finance guidance systems, made by fey players in network web of conflict, are also unlawful combatants.

Anxiety and uncertainty of juvenile testosterone used as human shields of profit.

Electronic hostilities of General’s frag-mented decisions, create petroleum stock rises, as cash from chaos and conflict.

Invisible wall the desk top switch box, kill cam of belligerent drones, liquidation order of collateral damage laying down a carpet of surgical assets… misaligned.

Random wrath of irregular asymmetric engagements, soft targets with occasional friendly fire, the auto clones with survival horror, re-living the digital vision.

Naked writers in the field of fire, freeze the futures history, some as protagonists or antagonists, record the fallen on the mission creep and crawling migration trail, as news is on sale.

Claw of revenge never ends in the Arbit-rage of the kill streak game, there no re-spawn, only a rage quit, if a bug hits the underlying interests.

The game of blame with no shame on the clearing day, everyone else must pay.

New plan of arrangements in final clutch, of break through moments, leads to democratisation of exploitation, the oppression of the interest rates, and repression of the price index.

The whole machine needs to be reprogrammed for futures rest.

Then shadows of the past will then fade at last.

13 Oct 2015

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