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Issued: 23 May 2018

For immediate release:

“Together Against Trump – National Demonstration”

Donald Trump may be coming to Britain, but the ‘Together Against Trump’ coalition are determined to stop him coming to London. That is the message that has come from the campaign group that today announces details of the national demonstration in central London on Friday 13th July.

‘Together Against Trump’ is calling on all those who oppose Donald Trump’s visit to assemble at Portland Place, outside the BBC at 2pm on Friday 13th July for a demonstration and rally in Central London.

Chris Nineham, Vice Chair of Stop the War Coalition said, “We are pleased to be part of the ‘Together Against Trump’ demonstration against this warmonger and bigot. There are many reasons to march against Trump. His attitude to women, his racism against Muslims, his defence of barbaric guns laws in the US. But now the world stands on the brink of even greater turmoil in the Middle East and the cause of this turmoil lies in the Trump White House.

“That is why anti-war campaigners are part of a mass coalition organising to protest against Trump’s visit and make sure that he is aware of opposition to his plans. We are also concerned at our governments’ policies, and particularly the ‘special relationship’ with the US which has meant uncritical support for wars and interventions going back decades.

“Opposition to war means opposition to Trump and the Stop the War Coalition are also organising a series of ‘No to Trump, No to War’ rallies around the country to build support for the national demonstration. We are confident that there will be huge demonstrations against Trump wherever he visits, and this will send a signal to him and to our government that many people in this country are no longer willing to support a foreign policy which is making the world a more dangerous place.”

Details of demonstration:

Assemble Portland Place, London, 2pm Friday 13th July for march to rally in Central London

Details of Stop the War ‘No the Trump, No to War’ rallies can be found here.

31 May 2018

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