The Foreign Secretary’s Mansion House speech was packed with provocative statements that will only escalate an incredibly volatile international situation

The speech given by the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, at Mansion House yesterday evening was packed with provocative and dangerous statements that will only serve to escalate an incredibly volatile international situation.

As the war in Ukraine increasingly begins to resemble a direct war between NATO and Russia, Truss’s comments that “Ukraine’s victory is a strategic imperative” will only reduce the likelihood of peace through a negotiated settlement.

We continue to call on the British government to stop talking up war in Ukraine and throw its weight behind a negotiated peace immediately.

Stop the War Deputy President, Andrew Murray, said:

“Liz Truss is playing with fire and it is the Ukrainian people who will get burnt. Her rhetoric is a demand for endless war.

A ceasefire and peace talks are the urgent need, not fuelling a conflict that will see thousands more Ukrainian people killed and will risk escalation into an all out NATO-Russia war.”

28 Apr 2022 by Stop the War

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