The wish of millions who fought in World War II was to build a world of peace but from Palestine to Ukraine wars are escalating.

Lindsey German

Seumas Milne’s excellent article makes a compelling case for the immediate sacking of that great profiteer from warmongering, Tony Blair. The Middle East is just too dangerous now that his policies have been followed for the last 13 years, and its people deserving of so much better, that he can no longer be allowed to continue to masquerade as envoy for peace in the region when he has done nothing but promote war there.

His legacy in Iraq is war death and destruction. His enthusiasm for war is now no surprise, but has reached a critical level with the recent escalation of wars around the world.

The continued terrible situation of the Palestinians and the continued fighting in the Ukraine are all serious flashpoints where wars could become even more terrible. That is without beginning to consider the wars in Africa, or the growing military conflict in the Far East, or the abject failure of the war in Afghanistan, 13 years after Bush and Blair declared the war on terror.

I am very far from any of these centres of conflict, holidaying now in central Italy. But war is very much on our minds here. It was exactly 70 years ago this summer when this beautiful and peaceful area was a World War II war zone. As the Germans retreated slowly north, and the Allied armies advanced, even more painfully slowly, the fighting against the Germans was led by the partisans, those brave men and some women, many of them teenagers, who took up arms against the occupiers and against the Italian fascists who supported them.

In the village where I’m staying, both Italians and some British troops were killed in clashes with the Germans. We will be remembering them next week on July 9th, with ceremonies of the sort which have already taken in neighbouring San Pancrazio and Civatella. Terrible massacres of civilians took place there at the hands of the German troops. Then the week after there will be more ceremonies in the Valdambra just down the road.

Those who fought in that war are now coming towards the end of their lives. In their millions, their wish was that the world should be one of peace, not war and that their suffering should not be in vain. Blair and his supporters pay lip service to that generation, but follow policies which create not peace, but war.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

04 Jul 2014 by Lindsey German

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