Don’t Attack Iran Motion – Jan 2020


This branch notes:

That Donald Trump’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani was an act of war and has generated the most dangerous standoff between the US and Iran in decades, creating a real risk of war between the two countries.

That the basis of the current crisis was laid by Trump’s scrapping of the Iran nuclear deal and the policy of regime change advocated by Trump and Mike Pompeo.

That the so-called special relationship has helped to tie Britain to a failed and damaging foreign policy.

This branch believes:

Rather than expressing sympathy with the Trump administration’s dangerous brinkmanship, the British government should be explicitly ruling out military options. 

That Britain needs a new, independent, foreign policy based on co-operation and diplomacy. That such a policy would end the waste of billions of pounds that would be better spent on welfare, education and the NHS.

That the anti-war movement has helped to create an anti-war majority in this country and that we need to mobilise urgently to stop war on Iran.

This branch resolves:

  • To demand the government opposes military action on Iran
  • To support Stop the War’s protests, demonstrations and other action against war on Iran
  • To affiliate to Stop the War



06 Jan 2020

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