We rely entirely on our supporters and members, please help us continue our campaigning


Stop the War is launching an appeal to help us campaign over the issues that matter. War and conflict threatens in many parts of the world.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson recently called for the west to further increase its use of ‘hard power’ and for the British armed forces to increase their ‘mass and lethality’.

Our former Chair Jeremy Corbyn has been demonised as a threat to national security by the media and many MPs. As he gets closer to power these attacks will only increase.

President Trump’s scrapping of the INF treaty, the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem and his recent announcement in support of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights add to the already precarious situation in the Middle East as his hawks circle on Iran. The Palestinians desperately need our solidarity.

The Saudi war in Yemen continues, directly supported by the British government. Stop the War is campaigning on all these issues.

  • We are playing a central role in the national demonstration for Palestine on May 11. Helping to mobilise for such a large demonstration involves huge resources and costs.
  • We are campaigning for an end to the war in Yemen and the British government’s arms sales to the Saudi regime. On this we are continuing to hold meetings up and down the country, as well as engaging students in colleges and universities.
  • We are preparing for huge protests against Donald Trump, on his possible state visit in June and at the London NATO summit later in the year.

For Stop the War to continue campaigning we need your financial support. We rely entirely on our supporters and members; we don’t have the support of big business or government, and so we call on you to dig deep and make a donation today. Please help us continue our campaigning.

The target for our appeal is £20,000.  Please donate generously…

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10 Apr 2019

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