Stop the War (StWC) one of the organisers of Saturday’s march demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, has predicted that more than half a million people will take to the streets in London, after coach companies said they’d run out of vehicles.

Local StWC groups up and down the country reported they’ve sold out of seats on hundreds of coaches.

The predicted size of the march came as StWC condemned Home Secretary Suella Braverman for inciting street protests by far-right figure Tommy Robinson and the Football Lads Alliance, Britain First and other extremist organisations which oppose the National March for Palestine.

Lindsey German, StWC convenor said: “Our local groups in towns and cities across the UK, along with coach companies, are telling us that every one of their coaches have been booked to bring people to London. This is comparable only to the two million strong protest against the Iraq War in 2003.”

Stop the War has insisted that the focus of the march is on stopping the killing in Gaza, which has now exceeded 10,000 dead.

It says Braverman’s attempt to blame police for “left wing bias” is a clear call to street thugs to ‘step in’ and do the job the police are supposedly ‘unable’ to do.

German added: “What’s happening is clear. Braverman is blaming the police and inciting disorder in the hope that she can pin any incidents on the organisers, real or confected. This is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook and no one in the media or mainstream politics should accept this dangerous talk.”


Stop the War Coalition is one of the organisers of the Palestine demonstrations, in an alliance led by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and including CND, the Muslim Association of Britain, the Friends of Al Aqsa, and Palestine Forum of Britain. 

09 Nov 2023 by Stop the War

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