Don't Bomb Syria

Chuka Umunna is MP for Streatham in south London, including parts of Brixton and Clapham. He has a drop-in surgery at Streatham library on Wednesday mornings.

Parliament is to vote next week on the government’s plan for Britain to join the other eight countries already bombing Syria. The government is said to be looking for around 30 Labour MPs to vote with it.

Four weeks ago Chuka Umunna was asked for a meeting with some of his constituents to discuss the issue. We didn’t get an answer.

But on Friday Chuka Umunna said he was against being told by his party to vote against British bombing. He said he has “an open mind” on it, but that “each individual MP has a mandate from those who elected them. We are primarily representatives of our constituents”.

So on Wednesday morning 11 of those constituents turned to tell him very publicly: don’t add fuel to the fire; don’t add to the failed interventions; don’t make the world and this country more dangerous while claiming to make it ‘safer’; don’t bomb Syria.

His workers came out to hear the message and to take back our repeated call for a meeting with him. Watch this space for developments but don’t hold your breath.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

25 Nov 2015

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