Leon Rosselson is one of the performers at TONY BENN NIGHT, 8 November 2015, when the great campaigner for peace and justice will be celebrated with music, comedy and speeches.
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It was Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph,
The rain was falling fast.
The Queen was there with her entourage
Watching the o*d Comrades march past.

There were wreaths of scarlet flowers
And we wore our poppies with pride
The brass bands played funeral music
And one or two people cried

When Big Ben chimed eleven
We solemnly bared our heads
And stood for the two minute’ silence
To remember our glorious dead.

It was at that sacred moment
That I heard an eerie sound
A ghastly, ghostly stirring
Seemed to come from under the ground.

And a voice rose out of the darkness
A voice that was coarse and ill-bred
Saying ‘I am the voice of the fallen
And I am the voice of the dead.

‘I speak for the silent slaughtered
The ones who rot under the grass
And we don’t want your two minutes’ silence
You can stick it up your arse’.

Then I thought I heard an explosion
And a kind of a sob or a laugh
And a faint aroma of corpses
Hung around the cenotaph.

The queen stood straight as a ramrod
And none of the mourners stirred
In spite of the two minutes’ silence
No-one had heard a word.

It seems a small bunch of fanatics
Had tried to dishonour the day
By shouting ‘Remember Biafra’
But they were soon hustled away.

Then the two minutes’ silence was over
And we heard the wind and the rain
And from Horse Guards Parade a gun sounded
And normal life started again.

It was Remembrance Day at the cenotaph
The queen was dressed in black
And the bishop conducted a service
For the ones who never came back.


05 Nov 2015

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