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How to leave a legacy to Stop the War

Brian EnoBrian Eno: "Stop the War Coalition has consistently been Britain’s most coherent and determined voice of opposition to war and injustice. Working on a shoestring budget, Stop the War continues to inspire and organise effective public demonstrations to remind hawkish politicians that the electorate doesn’t share their appetite for military conflict.”

John PilgerJohn Pilger: "Stop the War has demonstrated literally and vividly that there are two great powers in the world. One power may reside in Washington; the other is the willingness of people everywhere to resist and take direct action. One may have the guns; the other has the numbers. One may appear to be winning; the other has history and humanity on its side.

• Stop the War Coalition was founded in the aftermath of September 11th 2001, its aim from the beginning has been to oppose the US & UK led ‘war on terror’ and the broader militaristic agenda, to oppose the suffering and death of countless innocent people, global political and economic instability, the squandering of public resources, increased racism and attacks on civil liberties.

• Stop the War Coalition has organised the largest ever demonstration in British history on February 15th 2003; the largest ever week day demonstration in British history when George Bush visited London in November 2003; and it co-organised the largest ever British demonstration in support of the Palestinians in July 2014.

• Stop the War Coalition is an unflinching opponent of the wars in the Middle East, uniting British trade unions, defenders of civil liberties, various domestic communities and Military Families Against the War with anti-war figures in the Middle East.

• Stop the War Coalition is a movement that brings together people from all walks of life, of all ages, all races and of all faiths and none. We have proved to the world that Britain is not a pro-war country and that the policies of neo-cons in Washington do not reflect the will of the people.

• Stop the War Coalition has been entirely funded by donations from our supporters. We get no grants from governments or cheques from commercial backers.

• Stop the War Coalition will campaign until there is an end to the injustice that has blighted not just our lives but the lives of those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere. Your help will enable us to get the anti-war message across in every community and to build and strengthen the largest and broadest anti-war movement in British history.

Legacy Options

Leave a legacy to Stop the War and help ensure that our mass movement can continue campaigning against militarism and endless brutal wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, to hold Tony Blair to account and to oppose any attacks on Iran.

The different types of legacies are:

Pecuniary Bequest
To make a pecuniary bequest is to give a fixed sum of money in your will; it is a very straightforward way of leaving a gift. You can either specify that the value of the gift remains constant or guard against the effects of inflation by leaving instructions that a gift is increased to take inflation into account.

Residuary Bequest
This is a gift of the remainder of your estate after all other bequests have been made and debts and expenses paid.

Specific Bequest
This form of legacy allows you to leave particular items or assets to the Stop the War Coalition. For example, a piece of jewellery, a house or a car.

If you already have a will, the easiest thing to do is to attach a codicil – an addition to your will. This is a separate legal document witnessed in its own right. A solicitor will be able to advise you on how to ensure that your will reflects your wishes.

For further confidential information or details of solicitors, please contact:
Stop the War Coalition national office
86 Durham Road, London, N7 7DT
Call: 020 7561 4830
Email: office@stopwar.org.uk

29 Jul 2015

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