Jeremy Corbyn

I am genuinely sorry I cannot be with you today.  I think it must be the first Stop the War conference I have missed since it was set up.

I am sure you all understand the reasons – it is now my job to lead the Labour Party, including in the struggle for peace and international justice, and that is demanding my undivided attention.

I have been proud to be Chair of the Coalition for the last four years.  It represents the very best in British political campaigning, and its cause of opposing war, upholding civil liberties and resisting Islamophobia will remain my cause.

I hardly need to say.  In stepping down as Chair, I want to make absolutely clear my continuing solidarity with the Coalition and its work against wars of intervention. I believe the amazing campaign over this summer which has seen me elected Leader owes something to the spirit and struggles of Stop the War since 2001.

I look forward to having a proper hand-over event when it can be arranged in the near future – I gather my proposed successor is my predecessor, Andrew Murray and I wish him, Lindsey German and all delegates a successful conference.  We remain united for peace.

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party

20 Sep 2015

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