In a message to the 12 December 2015 Stop Bombing Syria rally, Jeremy Corbyn thanked protestors for their support and solidarity

Photo by Stephen Bell.

On Saturday 12 December 2015, thousands from across the UK marched from BBC Broadcasting House in London to Downing Street to protest the government’s bombing of Syria. Protestors gathered on Whitehall for a rally outside Downing Street to hear speakers from the Green Party, CND, the National Union of Teachers, National Union of Students, the Muslim Association of Great Britain, Stand Up to Racism, Military Families Against the War, the Awareness Foundation, and representatives from Scottish Stop the War and Walthamstow Stop the War.

Stop the War Chair, Andrew Murray, read a message sent from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn:

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I want to thank the Stop the War Coalition, and all of you here today, for standing up against this government’s decision to join yet another war in the Middle East – this time in Syria.

The anti-war movement has been a vital force at the heart of our democracy.

The attacks on it as somehow illegitimate are an attempt to close down democratic debate and campaigning.

Stop the War has organised the biggest demonstrations in British history. It has led protests and lobbies in every part of the country, including by military families.

Most of all, you have called it right over 14 years of disastrous wars – in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – when many of your most vociferous critics supported them.

A large majority of all parts of the Labour party – including the membership, MPs and the Shadow cabinet – last week opposed this government’s determination to extend UK bombing to Syria.

Intensifying the war won’t protect our security – or help the Syrian people. It risks doing the opposite. The only way to beat Isis is through a negotiated settlement of the Syrian civil war.

We in parliament will hold this government to account for the conduct of their campaign – and step up the pressure to bring the conflict to an end.

But for that we need your support and campaigning. Thanks for everything you have done, your internationalism and solidarity. We can, and will, bring these wars to an end.

Nadim Nassar, a Syrian priest from the Awareness Foundation, moved protestors with his stirring speech: “Our diversity is wonderful. Look at you all – you are all different and that is amazing.”

Video by Fourman Films

The march included protestors of all ages who came to make their voices heard:

Source: Stop the War Coalition

14 Dec 2015

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