MPs George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn make powerful speeches when parliament debates the delay in publishing the Iraq Inquiry.

James Childs

On 29 January 2015, Stop the War Coalition held a protest at parliament as MPs debated the scandalous delay in publishing the Iraq Inquiry report — with still no date for it to appear six years after the Chilcot committee started taking evidence.

The protest outside parliament displayed a large banner with the slogan Time for the Truth.

A man wearing a Tony Blair mask with bloody hands stood at the front and protesters carried the now iconic Bliar placards, signifying the widely accepted view that Britain was taken into the illegal Iraq war by the lies that Tony Blair told to parliament and to the British public.

Below are a TV report of the protest, and powerful speeches made in the Commons debate by George Galloway MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP, who is national chair of Stop the War Coalition. Click images to play….

01 Feb 2015

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