Use our model resolution at your CLP or Trade Union branch as part of the campaign to stop the bill

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This branch notes:

  • The Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill allows authorisation by a wide range of state organisations for undercover agents to commit crimes as part of their work. It fails to rule out the authorisation of murder, torture or sexual violence.
  • There is a well-established recent history of state infiltration by the security services of campaigning organisations and surveillance of trade union activity.
  • There is strong evidence of apparently illegal activity by undercover state agents in this work.

This branch believes:

  • The passing of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill through the House of Commons is a serious attack on civil liberties.
  • That it is open to being used to undermine the crucial work of trade unions and social movements.
  • The whole labour movement should be mobilised to block the bill.

This branch resolves:

  • To circulate information amongst members outlining the dangers of the bill.
  • To encourage members to lobby MPs to oppose the bill.
  • To write to the Home Secretary demanding that the bill be withdrawn.
23 Oct 2020

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