Use our model resolution at your CLP or Trade Union branch as part of our ‘No Increase in Military Spending’ campaign

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This branch notes:

  • The government’s decision to sharply increase the military budget during the COVID-19 health emergency.
  • That the £16.5 billion increase secures Britain’s position as Europe’s biggest military spender when it has the highest COVID-19 death toll across the continent due to the government’s pitiful response.
  • That Boris Johnson says defence should come first, even in a pandemic, but this extra money will be spent on increasing Britain’s offensive capacity – including the ability to launch rockets in space.

This branch believes:

  • It is simply unacceptable that the military should get its biggest spending increase in 30 years at a time when there is a crisis in social care, when hospitals are having to cancel essential operations due to underfunding and when the government is refusing to extend the universal credit uplift beyond the spring.
  • That the effort to save people’s lives and care for people in a crisis should have priority over new technologies of mass killing.
  • The £16.5 billion pounds would be far better invested in the public services the country relies on.

This branch resolves:

  • To lobby the local MPs on the issue.
  • To support Stop the War’s ‘No increase in military spending’ campaign.
  • To affiliate to Stop the War Coalition to support its campaigning work.
20 Nov 2020

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