Stop the War Coalition

A crowd of Lewisham residents went down to shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander’s surgery at the Lewisham Civic Suite on Friday 23 October to make their opposition to further military intervention in Syria clear.

The Lewisham MP, who voted for the disastrous intervention in Libya in 2011, was delivered the Stop the War briefing on the situation in Syria and promised to give it her full consideration. Whether she does so only time will tell.

Although a date has not yet been set for a vote on intervention in Syria it is important that Labour MP’s and shadow cabinet members, such as Alexander, are made aware that there is scrutiny on their vote and that is exactly what this lobby did.

The group of mainly young people outside Lewisham’s Town Hall made their presence felt and discussed the situation with passers-by.

Lobbies of other Lewisham MPs are also in the pipeline as Stop the War continues to apply the pressure on MPs up and down the country.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

25 Oct 2015

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