Middle East Eye sat down with StWC’s Vice Chair to talk about how we can turn the momentum of the last 3 months into a worldwide push to end war and injustice…

This week on the Big Picture, Middle East Eye speak with deputy chair of the Stop the War Coalition, Chris Nineham.

Nineham was instrumental in organising the historic anti-war demonstration in 2003 against the invasion of Iraq, which is considered the largest protest in UK history. Worldwide, millions flooded the streets in similar protests in major cities across the globe.

Now he’s helping to organise another global call to action on 13 January – this time for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after three months of Israel’s continuous offensive.

They speak with Chris about what it takes to build a mass movement, bringing together activists, unionists and community groups, and to turn the momentum of the last three months of action into a worldwide push to end war, injustice and poverty.

12 Jan 2024 by Chris Nineham

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