We are closer to war between great powers than at any time since the Cold War and we need to build the European anti-war movement writes Chris Nineham

It is a simple fact, undiscussed anywhere in the mainstream media or mainstream politics, that we are closer to war between great powers than at any time since the very height of the Cold War, and arguably longer.

As Paul Rogers has written recently, both Russia and NATO are actively deploying new launchpads for tactical nuclear weapons with a view to using them in the war in Ukraine. Russia is deploying nuclear missiles on the Western border of Belarus, the US is making the Lakenheath base in the UK nuclear-missile capable again after a break of 15 years.

Meanwhile, as the US foreign policy leaks show, experts in the Pentagon privately admit that Ukraine cannot win in the short or medium term and that, if there is not a peace process, the war is certain to grind on for months and probably years, to deadly effect. For leaders on both sides, the logic of this situation is one of escalation.

In response to this desperately dangerous situation, a growing movement for a ceasefire and negotiations is emerging across Europe. As well as the protests in Britain, there have been big demonstrations against the war in Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium. In a number of European countries, majority opinion is against further support for NATO’s escalation.

A continent wide anti-war movement is beginning to form and to make links with the rest of the world, where opposition to NATO is widespread.

To discuss this situation and bring news of this growing movement, we are very pleased to be hosting a platform of anti-war voices from across the continent.

It is a matter of urgency that we participate in and strengthen this movement. While leaders are responding to deadly stalemate by pushing for escalation, the only civilised response is to call for an immediate end to the slaughter and demand that a peace process is implemented immediately.

We urge you to join us this Saturday and be part of this movement for peace.

19 Apr 2023 by Chris Nineham

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