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Keep up the pressure against an attack on Syria. Demonstrate in Manchester

The weight of public opinion and protest has forced Barack Obama to table plans for an immediate attack on Syria. This is a humiliation for Obama and for Western power generally.

Whatever their rhetoric, it is clear to the world that Cameron's plans were blocked because of public opinion and Obama blinked because of potential defeat in Congress.

But the threat of an attack remains. Obama and Kerry are still talking about regime change and the US announced for the first time last week it was openly arming the rebels. Negotiations with Russia and Syria can break down ar any time.

We need to keep up the pressure against any attack:

  1. Hold a public meeting against an attack on Syria in your area. Contact Stop the War or find out about your local group or for advice to put on a meeting.
  2. Join the demonstration at the Tory party conference in Manchester on September 29 called by the TUC and supported by the Peoples' Assembly. Stop the War is organising the biggest possible anti-war contingent on the demonstration called to defend the NHS and fight austerity. We will post more details of the anti-war bloc online soon.

Transport has been organised from across the country. There is a special 'Peoples' Train' from London to Manchester for the demo with cheap tickets. Book yours now here: thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/peoplestrain.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

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