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#GE2019 - Where Do Your Local Candidates Stand on Issues of War & Peace?

Why not put this list of foreign policy questions to your local candidates?


Please send the following questions to your local prospective parliamentary candidates and send their replies back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will create a database of answers for voters to find out their views on foreign policy issues.
  1. Do you consider that the successive wars of this century have made Britain a safer or more dangerous place? Have they played a role in fostering terrorism?
  2. Have these wars helped to foster greater Islamophobia in British society?
  3. Is a ‘special relationship’ with Donald Trump’s US something which benefits British people?
  4. Do you oppose Donald Trump’s sanctions and threats of intervention in Iran?
  5. Do you support maintaining the JCPOA ‘nuclear deal’ which the UK government has signed up to along with others?
  6. Did you oppose the war in Iraq and do you oppose further interventions in the Middle East?
  7. Should those responsible for the war in Iraq face criminal charges?
  8. Do you think British and Western troops should withdraw from Afghanistan, and that there should be a negotiated peace?
  9. Do you support arms sales to Saudi Arabia, especially in light of its role in the Yemen war?
  10. Do you support the renewal of the Trident nuclear submarine system?
  11. If elected as an MP, what would be your foreign policy priority and why?

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