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StWC Send Solidarity to Genoa Dock Workers Who Refused to Load Saudi Arms

We support your principled action and join you in your call to say: “No to war”


Actvists join the bloackade in the port of Genoa, Italy

Stop the War Coalition send solidarity to members of the CGiL union and anti-fascists from Potero al Popolo (PaP) who yesterday blockaded the port of Genoa to stop the loading of the Saudi Arabian ship, Bahri Yanbu, with military equipment that would have been used in its brutal war on the people of Yemen. We support your principled action and join you in your call to say: “No to war”.

We would also like to extend our solidarity to the humanitarian groups in Le Havre who prevented a consignment of eight Caesar cannons from loading onto the same ship earlier this month.

These demonstrations of international solidarity are an example for us all and serve to highlight the widespread complicity of European arms companies and governments in the merciless bombardment of the Yemeni people by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. None more so than our own government in Britain which has sold over £5 Billion worth of weapons to the Saudi’s since the war began over four years ago. An estimated 50,000 people have been killed as a direct result of the war and over 85,000 children are estimated to have died of hunger or preventable disease.

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