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Stop the War to Join Mass Protests Against Donald Trump in June

Stop the War condemns the decision to invite Donald Trump for a state visit in June.


It has now been announced that Donald Trump will be making a state visit to Britain on 3 till 5 June. Stop the war condemns the decision to invite Donald Trump for a state visit. It is extraordinary that the British government has chosen to endorse this most reactionary and aggressive US President with a formal welcome.

Trump is a racist, a mysoginist and a climate change denier who threatens minorities at home while pushing for war abroad. He has escalated the US presence in Afghanistan, stepped up support for Saudi Arabia as it leads the murderous war on Yemen and encouraged growing Israeli attacks on the Palestinians. He has threatened Venezuela with intervention and backed right wing regimes around the world. Under Trump tensions between the West and Russia and China have reached alarming levels.

Stop the War was central to the huge Together Against Trump demonstration last July. We will be mobilising with Together Against Trump for another massive protest during Trump's visit in June.

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