When: March 9, 2024 12:00 pm

Where: London

National Demonstration: Ceasefire Now – Stop the Genocide in Gaza!

Assemble: 12pm, Saturday 9th March, Hyde Park Corner to the US Embassy, Nine Elms

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The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Half a million people are facing starvation, acute food shortages are affecting the whole population and Israeli forces are carrying out massacres against those in queue for basic foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, here in Britain the government has escalated its attacks on the pro-Palestine movement, with Rishi Sunak resorting to the ‘mob rule’ cliché and James Cleverly calling for an end to the recent wave of protests while floating clampdowns on the right to protest.

The combination of these two crises mean there’s never been a more important time to continue our protesting. Make sure you’re on the streets on Saturday 9th March as we march from Hyde Park Corner to the US Embassy in Nine Elms.