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Constant Flow ft: Immortal Technique & Melanie Fontana: Moment of Peace


(Constant Flow)
When I’m talkin’ Moses, ten commandments
I’m talkin’ Mosheh, on the tablets
With side agents, high-tech gadgets
Anti-Arab, Zionist-fascists
Holocaust, that was tragic
No olive trees, no olive branches
No signs of peace in the Middle East
This history I reexamine
When I say Mohammad I don’t mean the Prophet
Kid in Gaza with no options
Kill his mamma, ya don’t see the problems
So he join Hamas and now ya wanna bomb ‘im
When I’m talkin’ Jesus I don’t mean the savior
I mean yo neighbor, here fo’ labor
Hard worka, paper chaser
But you refuse, you racist haters
No Aviator, no Howard Hughes
I’m tryna reach the high altitudes
I touch the sky, it cloud my views
I came back down mo’ powerful
Fo’ the promised land of milk and honey
Did the honest man wit filthy money
It’s the banksters that ganked us
It ain’t the Taliban that killed this country
Al Qaeda comin so lets run!
Wit this redrum fo’ their hedge funds
There’s mo’ drones, less guns
Warzones, dead sons, almost messed up
Everyone is so confused
I praise God, my escape pod is inside that vocal booth
I’m out

(Melanie Fontana)
Just gimme a moment and the quietness I need
My gun is unloaded, I leave down my weaponry
So we can finally be, free, free
In the moment, just gimme a moment

(Immortal Technique)
Yeah, when I say autistic I don’t mean retarded
But a genius light in a world o’ darkness
But regardless, the world is heartless
Cell phone targets, football bombings
I’m out of the shits I used to gives
So close to death, I see the lives I use to live
My future kids I leave them with this tutelage
When I say hip-hop, I don’t mean the music
I mean the culture, not the vultures
Here Mimosa, fuckin devils smell like sulfur
Fearless when I spit the flow
Talk wit my hands like Cicero
And it won’t be funny like Piscopo
Cause romance and death is miserable
So I don’t gonna die fo’ this shit to go
I’m hungry and invincible, one nation indivisible
Betrayed by individuals, descendents of the criminals
That pretended to be biblical and hide behind residuals
So I’m critical of those bankruptin ass spirituals
I’m on double time, double tap, hop demeanor
Collapse yo lungs like emphysema
Light one up wit your subpoena
Glow like fish from Fukushima
I sing like Christians in the arena
Fed to the lions and hyenas, massacred like Indonesia
Gone are the days of Iwo Jima
Cause the surge wasn’t just troops that we sent to Iraq
It was the surge of money we paid rebels not to shoot back
That’s not victory, but its history
And liberties slope is slippery
Mo’ miscarriages than delivery
Genocide bombs like ol’ hickory
The green leaves are made of bigotries
So the fed reserve ain’t shit to me
It’s symmetry to tyranny with freedom as its imagery
So I’m firin artillery at every possibility
When my moment comes, fuck sympathy
Just keep fighting with dignity

(Melanie Fontana)
Just gimme a moment and the quietness I need
My gun is unloaded, I leave down my weaponry
So we can finally be, free, free
In the moment, just gimme a moment of peace.

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